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Authority Responsibility

The Enroll and Employment Office of SWJTU is responsible for the admission and employment of undergraduate and postgraduate. Guided under the dream of SWJTU, that "gather masters, cultivate the talents, contribute great pieces, keep the career evergreen", the Enroll and Employment Office faithfully perform the sacred responsibility of cultivating the talents and serving the society.

Welcome, brilliant learners from all over the country! SWJTU will become the most beautiful and energetic campus!

Welcome, the employers from all fields of industry! Students from SWJTU are ready to take the test!


Working philosophy:

Insisting on the theory of "scientific development, justice and equity, serve the students, serve the society", the Enroll and Employment Office devotes to absorbing the excellent learners from the whole country, propagandizing in diverse and solid forms, offering service and consultation thoroughly, extending the education into middle school. Meantime, it effectively formats the employment into the system of talents' cultivation. Orientated by the principle of “Job Satisfaction, Career Growth, Business Development”, the task of the office is fused with management, service and guidance.


Admission: "Sunshine Service”

Implement the “Sunshine Service”, offer complete services, and put all sorts of admission work into effect.

Transparent and diversified election system gives more opportunities to students. The office exerts its effort to prompt the construction of “Sunshine Service”, complete the organization, foster the faculty, and public the information. Under the full-scale inspection of supervision department, the office also accepts the monitor from all over the university. In order to satisfy the society, examinee, faculty and students of SWJTU, the office determines to offer the most outstanding work on admission and employment.

The office offers the solid consultation and extends guidance to help students choose the life directions. Solid consultative services such as on-site consultation, on-line consultation, television and phones, etc, are implemented synchronously; stepping into the middle school, experts and professors host various and meaningful activities; entering the university, middle school students are invited to visit our university, and feel the campus life in advance.


Employment: employment, occupation and career

Help students find satisfied work and begin their brand new life!

Lead students to plan their career and establish the navigation of self-development!

Protect students' development in profession and help them fulfill the self-value!


The Enroll and Employment Office consists three parts: employment manage office, external contact office, and employment guidance office. There are professional meeting rooms, individual consulting room and long-distance interview room for employment, with superior hardware serving equipment. The professional employment work group, who are sufficient in quantity, profession in major and enthusiasm in atmosphere, gives the strongest support to comprehensive, omnidistance, technical and diversified employment work.

Employment manage office devotes to whole-course networking management; scientific and normative manage procedure and humanized services. External contact office actively expands the major occupations, enhance the connection between enterprises and university in various forms and enrich the employment channels for undergraduates. Employment guidance office establish the "triple classroom" guide system, gives the edification on early planning of career life, spurs students to participate social experience, and prompts to elevate their professional accomplishments. To perfect the employment and pioneering system in university, the admission and employment office offers the continuous dynamic with the multilayer target of “employment, occupation and career".

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