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SWJTU achieves a new high in the number of projects of National Social Science Foundation of China
From:  Click:( 2106 )  Date: 2015/9/7

The list of 2015 Art Projects of National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSF) was recently released by the Ministry of Culture of China. Two projects - Image Record of Festivals: A research on the new patterns of anthropological documentary and A research on the Buddhist art along the the northern route of the Silk Road - proposed by SWJTU Professor Liu Guangyu and Ren Pingshan - have appeared on the list. It is the first time for SWJTU to win this kind of academic financial support.


Until this August, 12 SWJTU projects will be sponsored through NSSF, marking a very step for SWJTU to approach toward a comprehensive university.


One art project, applied by Southwest University for Nationalities, is the other higher institute located in Sichuan Province, has been included in the 2015 NNSF sponsor program.

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