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Sino-Russian Youth Interactive Friendship Camp completed in Chengdu
From:  Click:( 2189 )  Date: 2015/9/7

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Mikhail Babich, Russia's Presidential Envoy, jointly declared the close of the Sino-Russian Youth Interactive Friendship Camp in this August. The closing ceremony attended by high-ranking officials from China and Russia was held in Chengdu Panda Research Center.


As one of the seven Chinese universities holding this international camp, SWJTU successfully completed all the assigned tasks and used this opportunity to explore the potential partnerships with the Russian counterparts.


During the 12 days, over 60 youth Russian representatives from the regions of Volga River and Chinese ones from middle and upper Yangtze River had participated in various activities meticulously arranged by SWJTU. The delegation experienced both the traditional local culture and enhanced their understanding of China’s higher education by visiting local universities and scenic spots in Sichuan, such as Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jiezi Ancient Street.


SWJTU Vice President Zhang Wengui attended the opening ceremony held in Sichuan University.


SWJTU Vice Chairman Yan Qipeng met with the delegation in Jiuli campus. An introduction then was made about the historical development, training program and scientific research of SWJTU.


“It’s true that we are making this world different, but it’s you who are the future of the human being. You are full of vigor, just like the newly-risen sun in the morning”, Yan borrowed the renowned remarks of Chairman Mao, the Founding Father of the New China, to state the significance of the international exchange.


On August 3rd, over 120 camp members visited the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power and the State Laboratory of Rail Transit, knowing more about the tremendous development of China’s high-speed rail. CAS Academician Zhai Wanming delivered an academic report The Development of China’s High-speed Rail, an overall introduction of the speed, technological innovation and network of China’s high-speed rail.

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