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SWJTU won the championship in Freescale Cup
From:  Click:( 1865 )  Date: 2015/9/7

The 10th Freescale Cup – Intelligent Car Racing (the Western Final) was held in

 Chang'an University. Jiang Chaogen, Wu Zongling and Long Wenjie, the faculty

members of the School of Information Science and Technology, led a student

delegation to appear in the scientific arena.


This is the third championship achieved by SWJTU in the past three consecutive



243 teams from 58 universities located in western China, including Sichuan University,

Chongqing University, Lanzhou University and University of Electronic Science and

Technology of China, had gathered together to exchange their innovated ideas on

 intelligent car.


Southwest Jiaotong University has been stressing on the building of the sense of

 innovation and entrepreneurship and training integrative talents through various

 academic competitions in the past decade.


To echo with the call of the university, the School of Information Science and

Technology have completed diverse competitions on scientific innovation. These

 beneficial interactions will enhance students’ comprehensive abilities, especially

 those of applying theoretical knowledge into engineering practice. The enthusiasm

in scientific exploration and team-work spirit are also expected to be achieved

during this process.

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