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Delegation of Institution of Engineering and Technology visited SWJTU
From:  Click:( 1156 )  Date: 2014/4/19

Jan.10, 2014, Mr. Ian Merce International Operation Officer from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), United Kingdom paid visited to Southwest Jiaotong University. Prof. FAN Pingzhi, Vice-President of SWJTU held meeting with IET guest.

Prof. FAN welcomed the visit of IET guest, and briefed SWJTU’s advanced engineering background. Prof. Fan highlighted that SWJTU put internationalization as the focus of the University’s development strategy in 2014. The University will encourage faculty and student to participate in internationalization and take part in international academic organizations such as IET.

Mr. Merce mentioned that China’s engineering and technology ability has played more and more important role in international stage. China has been the strategic focus of IET’s development. Since 2011, IET has launched “Educational Partnership” and “Enterprise Partnership” in China.

During the meeting, two parties expressed that both SWJTU and IET would join together to make cooperation and extend opportunities in the process of certification work for engineering programs at SWJTU.


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